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About DASC

Doulas Association of Southern California

The Doulas Association of Southern California was founded in 1997. We are a non-profit professional community of doulas which recognizes the profundity of birth on the human experience and society at large, while respecting the individual needs of childbearing families. We provide a supportive forum for maintaining professional standards, continuing the education of birth and postpartum doulas, and informing the public of the benefits of doula care.

DASC members listed on the referral pages (Find a Doula) are professionally trained as birth support or postpartum care doulas by one or more of the following associations, which have met DASC’s criteria:

Our Purpose

The primary purpose of this association is to improve the quality of maternal care and health of newborn babies by furthering the profession of labor support and postpartum doulas, who provide education, and physical and emotional support for women and their families during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, through community education, providing a supporting network and upholding professional standards.

Our Mission

DASC is a non-profit professional community of doulas which recognizes the profundity of birth on the human experience and society at large, while respecting the individual needs of childbearing families. We provide a supportive forum for maintaining professional standards, continuing the education of birth and postpartum doulas, and informing the public of the benefits of doula care.

Meet the Board

Ida Reid
Ida Reid


I was born and raised in Santa Monica and The Pacific Palisades.  As a twin, I was brought up with the importance of sharing; emphasis was placed on community living within our family. My childhood was filled with attending social programs along with a very strong female “tribe” presence.  I started babysitting at a young age and throughout college I took jobs as a mother’s helper. I found a great sense of purpose and meaning in being a support to new families during transitional periods in their lives.

After attending California Institute of the Arts, I traveled to Central America and throughout Asia.  While in Asia, I met my husband and relocated to Hong Kong where I reinvented myself as a preschool teacher.

My husband and I moved back to Los Angeles in the latter part of 2008. After settling down and reevaluating our goals, I realized that becoming a post-partum doula could fulfill my need to aid new families. I have served on the DASC board of directors since 2010. In addition to my work as a doula I am also a RIE® Associate.

Rachel Myers
Rachel Meyers

Vice President

I am a Mother, Doula, Midwives Assistant and Childbirth Educator. I also have the honor of being the Vice President of The Doulas Association of Southern California! 

As a young child I often accompanied my Dad to work because I am an animal lover and he is a Veterinarian. One day he sat me down in front of a cage with a dog in it and told me she was going to have puppies. I was so excited, but as I watched her pant and circle, I begged my Dad to help her. His response was that she is a parent and has everything she needs to safely birth her pups. He told me that my job was to be still and make her feel calm and safe. That memory stayed with me throughout my life and I bring those principles into my Doula practice.

I have a BS from Cal State Monterey Bay where I studied Earth Systems and Science. I am a proud co-owner of The Birth Co-op, A Childbirth Education space in Van Nuys.  I love the science of birth and feel strongly that the education we provide is the perfect marriage of science and emotionality. I look forward to many years of supporting birthing people, families and birth workers.

Erica Hunt
Erica Hunt


While my work in supporting families started long before my doula work, I officially became a birth worker in January 2015. We had just moved to California a few months earlier and after getting settled in I made up my mind that it was time to go all in. I found the next available DONA training and signed up for the workshop that following weekend.  Since then I’ve continued to grow and educate myself and the families I work with. My life before birth work consisted of my husband and my two children, who are now 13 and 15. My husband has been in the Army for 17 years and the military lifestyle has meant a life with short roots and at times a lot of uncertainty. I attribute my ability to adapt to each individual birth and each family’s needs and personalities to my life of consistent change. 

Along with being a birth worker I am also a Newborn Care Specialist, a Postpartum Doula and a Placenta Specialist. And honestly, being a certified Reiki Practitioner is one of my favorite practices and it’s something I love to incorporate into birth and postpartum work as well.

I am currently studying to become an Ayurvedic Healthcare Practitioner and a Certified Herbalist along with starting the Bebo Mia Infant Sleep course later this year. I am thrilled to be able to bring these practices into my work. 

When I am not making postpartum meal plans or attending births you can find me with my family. We enjoy all things outdoors, we love a spontaneous road trip or adventure and we really love food. Really though, most of our days are spent on or near the beach.

Greer Kirschenbaum
Greer Kirschenbaum


Mikaela Lynn Johnson Vaal
Mikaela Lynn Johnson Vaal

Director of Awesomeness and Productivity

I started my journey in the healthcare field in 2010 when I began training as a Massage Therapist in NYC. Since then I have not only become a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist and an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist but also spent several years teaching at the institution I received both degrees from. Since moving to LA in 2017, I have turned my focus more specifically to equity for marginalized people in health and wellness. 

I am now a California Certified Massage Therapist; DONA trained Birth and Postpartum Doula; ICEA trained Childbirth Educator; am currently working on completing trainings as a PAIL Advocate for Full Spectrum work, as well as the Coaching & Training Women Academy’s Pre and Postnatal Coaching Certification. Last year I joined the Board of Directors of the Doulas Association of Southern California (DASC). I am very excited to continue in this field, as I am fiercely passionate about improving the healthcare equity for women and femmes - specifically Black, trans, and nonbinary folks.

When not working, I am an artist through and through! From two advanced degrees in talking and playing pretend, to learning to make jewelry, pottery, and websites ... I spend most of my free time creating things! I’m so glad to have found DASC where I’ve also had to opportunity and immense pleasure of making friends with amazing and supportive humans who I hope to have in my circle forever.

Megan Chadwick
Megan Chadwick

Director of Vocal Impersonations and Comic Relief

Hi! I’m a DTI trained birth and postpartum doula serving the Greater Los Angeles Area.

I am a co-founder at Village Birth in Eagle Rock where I am lucky enough to teach Childbirth Education as well as co-facilitate pregnancy and postpartum support groups.  I feel immensely grateful to be amongst such a wide variety of passionate and thoughtful birth workers committed to supporting the families of Southern California. My future in birth work will likely include many more coffee dates with fantastic doulas, an obscene amount of hours spent watching birth videos, and at least one application sent to midwifery school. When I’m not hanging out with other doulas....

Lindsey Rei
Lindsey Rei

Director of Jazz Hands and Decision Making

Lindsey is a DONA trained Birth and Postpartum Doula, a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor, and an ICEA trained Childbirth Educator.

Her path to supporting new families started in her early teenage years. This work has molded from babysitting to nannying to teaching mommy and me; and now as a brthworker and educator. She is a born and raised Los Angeleno and a mama, herself. After the birth of her own daughter in 2012, she discovered how much of that village we really do need and started to feel a pull to support families in a deeper, more impactful way.

She has a great passion for educating and empowering new parents to trust their intuition and birth and parent the way that they feel called to do so. When not diving into birthwork, Lindsey enjoys taking dance classes, cooking, belting out showtunes with her daughter, and spending time with family and friends.

Brighid Quinn

Committee Lead for Social Media

Jill Magoffin

Committee Lead for Events

Tiphanie Sparks

Committee Lead for Member Services

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