About DASC

Doulas Association of Southern California

The Doulas Association of Southern California was founded in 1997. We are a non-profit professional membership association of birthworkers led and run by a volunteer Board of Directors. 

Our Purpose

The Doulas Association of Southern California’s purpose is to continually advance the profession of birthwork.

Our Mission

We do this by providing:
advocacy for reproductive/birthing justice;
a nurturing community of peer collaboration;
educational opportunities for doulas and the public;
and a bridge between the public and our members.

Our Vision

A diverse, inclusive, and thriving community of supported, educated, and successful birthworkers.

Meet the Board

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Erin Fitzsimmons


I feel fortunate to have found the Doula community in Southern California.  I am a trained, DONA, PostPartum Doula working on the westside of Los Angeles.  I was drawn to this work because I love the idea of nurturing families and easing the transition when a newborn becomes part of the family. I look forward to continuing to grow in this field and plan on pursuing a certificate as a Breast-feeding Consultant.

I have a Certificate from UCLA Extension as a Patient Advocate and currently work part time for a physician in Santa Monica.  I have two wonderful children and before I became a mother I worked in film production and development.  I love systems and helping to facilitate ideas and would love to help DASC grow and expand its reach.  I am originally from New York City and moved to the westside of Los Angeles in 1998.

Sarah Pinder

Vice President


I am a postpartum doula and have really gained so much insight from my membership through DASC. I am looking forward to giving back to the organization and hoping that I can provide assistant to the board, as well as the organization at-large. I am a jack-of-all-trades, having worked in administration, website content, TV, and non-profit counseling. I’m looking forward to offering my time and perhaps a voice to new postpartum-doulas and those beginning in this profession.

Michelle Brenhaug
Michelle Brenhaug


I am a trained birth doula and working toward certification with DONA International. I was trained in the fall of 2020 through Bini Birth and have loved almost everything involved with doula work since then. I have 2 daughters and experienced birth trauma with my first labor and birth experience which is one of the things that pushed me toward pursuing this work. I have found myself the most alive when guiding and accompanying others, whether it be children, frields, or aging persons. Also, since becoming a mother, I have discovered an even deeper ability in myself to intuit someone's needs, sit with, guide, and offer care as they need it. I am also Japanese-American, educated as an engineer and worked as an engineer for 9 years. I find that the combination of my aptitude for technical things, attention to detail, and empathic, intuitive disposition makes me uniquely fit for birth work.

Lucy Roberts
lucy roberts


I am a Birth Doula and ASL Interpreter originally from Carlsbad, California, I moved to Los Angeles in 2008 for college. After graduating with a degree in Musical Theater, I dedicated my education to learning American Sign Language. While training to be an ASL interpreter, I gave birth to my daughter, Lily, in 2018. I found my passion for birth work after that experience. It was a long road to get to this point, but I know that supporting birthing people is what I was meant to do. I am constantly striving to better myself and my work through community and education.


I am so excited to join the DASC board and to serve the birthworker community in Southern California. “Live and Love. There isn’t time for anything else”

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anika das

Director of Programming and Social Media

I started my training as a yoga instructor from Thailand followed by Rishikesh and Mumbai, I have been teaching yoga for over 5 years now. During this time as a yoga teacher I expanded my training as a Birth and Postpartum Doula, nutritionist and lactation educator, which increases my scope of expertise while working with pregnant mamas.

My passion to pursue a career in doula work started when I was teaching pre-and post natal yoga . Throughout these experiences, I have found that a woman’s birth and postpartum story becomes a permanent and critical part of who she is.

I truly believe that one cannot give out of an empty cup and so as a doula it is my goal to help women and their partners to not only focus on the baby but themselves too, to make them feel the most confident, calm and to educate them through this beautiful and life changing journey.

tracy hartely

Director of Membership

I am a birth doula, a childbirth educator, and a doula mentor who has supported almost 700 births since becoming a doula in 1996.  I have served on the DASC Board of Directors in every position at some point during my decades on the board and I love serving my doula community.  I am the mother of two wonderful grown children and the grandmother of three amazing grandchildren.

Before becoming a doula, I trained dogs for people with disabilities other than blindness for 18 years, I ran a word processing department, I was a bookkeeper, a peer counselor for Vietnam Veterans, and an Air Traffic Controller in the Navy.  I feel as if I learned something from every job I’ve ever had that has helped me in my doula career.





AJ Jonesco

Director of Hospitality

Dayana ornelas

Member at Large

Hola ☾ I’m Dayana, my friends call me Dee! 

I’m an Indigenous Holistic Birth and Postpartum Doula serving OC & LA counties. 

I’m a homeschooling mama of 4 beautiful souls, 16 son, 13 son, 7 son & 6 princess… 

Wife, eternal student, birth nerd and lover of all things natural healing. 

I’m a strong supporter of women having the power of CHOICE and love advocating, educating and building them up… Teen moms have a special place in my heart and I often volunteer my time advocating and supporting them as best as I can. 

I’ve been an unofficial doula for a long time. Traditionally trained from a young age and formally trained by DONA’s former Board Presidents Ana Paula Markel (BD) and Kathrin Auger (PD).

Jena Scott

Member at Large 

Hi! I'm Jena. I am a trained Birth and Postpartum Doula and a lover of the great outdoors. I am motivated to share my knowledge about the perinatal period with families to provide an easier transition into parenthood. I also value community. As the saying goes, it takes a village (for parenting and for life in general). This is why I am a member of DASC and hope to support the Board of Directors with building a community of doulas in SoCal who can support and uplift each other.

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