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I\'m a Black girl originally from Brooklyn, NY. I found myself in Los Angeles, and then wellness work found me. I founded Special Delivery Healing to be able to work as a doula, and support and advocate for people as they make this huge transition in their lives. Soon after, I realized that isn\'t limited to birth. Every new and evolved version of yourself that you meet is a \"special delivery\" - and healing requires much of that support and care. As a full spectrum doula and wellness worker, my goal is to support the birthing person and their support system as they go through transitioning babies earthside, and as they deliver a new version of themselves, be-it parent, grandparent, etc. into the world. I\'ve acquired the tools and skills needed to support people throughout their journey to their inner joy within themselves, and outer joy with a beautiful baby bundle. Special Delivery Healing offers packages from singular services, to comprehensive prenatal, laboring, and postpartum care, to all ages, to ensure affordability and availability.
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Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Full Spectrum Doula Services, Placenta Services, Reiki, Yoga, Hypnosis, Lactation Education/Support, Trained in Trauma Informed Care, Childbirth Education, CPR/First Aid Certified
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Multiples, Cesarean/Surgical Birth, Single Parents, LGBTQIA+, Teen Parents, Induction, Siblings, Home Birth, Birth Center, Reproductive Rights, Reproductive/Sex Education, Fertility, Attachment Parenting, PP Mood Disorders
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Los Angeles County, Greater Los Angeles Area
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