Stress Boobs




Stress Boobs are great for laboring folks to squeeze – and they are perfect for demonstrations in your childbirth education or body feeding classes! Two shades of color — comes as a pair.


These humorous stress-relief breast-shaped balls offer a unique twist on the conventional stress balls commonly found in both professional and personal settings. They are designed as a pair, complete with a lifelike skin-tone appearance and authentic nipple details. This provides an opportunity for some lighthearted interaction while also offering stress-relief through playful juggling. Set aside your worries and engage in some light-hearted stress relief with these fun stress boobs.

  • Made from soft rubbery latex, filled with a liquid gel
  • Measure approximately 8 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm each
  • You will receive 2 lovely round boob stress relieving juggling balls to play with


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