Resources for Expecting Families

How to Find your Doula

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are some helpful ideas to get you started

  • Start early! Keep in mind that doulas tend to book clients months in advance
  • It’s never too late! There is a doula for you, just keep reaching out
  • Try searching here on DASC, local doula registries, professional organizations, etc
  • We recommend contacting a few doulas before deciding 
  • Start with phone interviews
  • Schedule in-person interviews with your favorites at a location that makes you feel comfortable (your home, a local coffee shop, etc)

Tips for Interviewing a Doula

Finding the right doula is a deeply personal decision. Birth and the postpartum period can be emotional and highly vulnerable times and it’s important to ensure that everyone present helps family members -- especially the birthing person -- feel confident, calm, and safe. 

You may want to be prepared to talk about the following:


  • Fees
  • Philosophies
  • Package options
  • Preferred contact hours
  • Contracts


  • How they became a doula
  • Why you’re looking for a doula
  • Do they work with a backup/partner/team

Your Birth

  • How do you envision the birth experience
  • Are they willing/available to support you in your preferred birthing location
  • Do they have experience with your care provider (midwife, OB, hospital, birth center, etc)
  • When will they join you in labor
  • Birth doula’s favorite comfort measures/tools


  • Postpartum plan
  • Who will be with you postpartum
  • Talk about your postpartum support network
  • Feeding plans 
  • CPR certification

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